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TJJ Recommendation Form for Applicants

TJJ Recommendations Request Form

Please fill out this form to request your recommendations.


All applicants for The Anne Samson TJJ Program must have one recommendation from their NCSY region and one recommendation from outside of NCSY. Please select below which region you are a part of to request your NCSY recommendation. The applicant will receive a notification when the recommendation has been completed.

For your second recommendation, please provide the name and email address of your Rabbi, Synagogue Youth leader, Principal or teacher and an email will automatically be sent to them to fill out the online recommendation. (Your second recommendation may NOT be from an NCSY staff member.)

If you are unsure of what region you belong to, please click here for a full list of cities.

* If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this form, please try using a different browser that is not Internet Explorer (ex: Google Chrome). If the issue still persists, please call 212-613-8349

  • EX: Chicago, IL
    If you are unsure which region you are a part of, select I Don't know and we will make sure that the appropriate NCSY region completes the form.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.