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Summer Chessed Missions

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NCSY is the number one youth organization for disaster relief missions and we are constantly receiving requests from communities for our help. This year, we are offering one-week end-of-summer missions across the country from Texas to Florida, from New Orleans to Puerto Rico. Teens work hands-on with organizations such as Habitat for HumanitySouth East RecoveryHike For Katreena , Nechama and Green Light, working to construct and repair buildings and homes as well as the lives of their inhabitants. Trips include a whole lot of fun at night and a memorable Shabbat experience.

Our partnering organizations on the ground requested that all volunteers be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.  To comply with their request, all applicants to these missions must demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated. 

Week 1: August 15-August 21

Week 2: August 22-August 28