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Day 14- Beit Shemesh Carnival, Yad Vashem, Minute to win it

By Ruthie SeidemannAfter davening and breakfast, we started the day off by going to Begin Science School in Beit Shemesh and making a carnival for kids in elementary school. Last night, we prepared many booths for the carnival, including bobbing for...
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Day 13- Aquakeft, Shopping in the Old City of Tzefat, and Boat ride in Kineret

By Zahara GoldkinToday, we woke up super early to go to Aquakef! The Kineret was a refreshing wake up call after the long night before. After Aquakef, we went shopping in the old city of Tzfat. We got coupons to choose our own lunch as we shopped. Th...
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Day 12- Shabbas Kodesh in Tzefat

By Leeby LevineThis shabbos we had an amazing time in tzfat. We began with kabalas shabbos at all different Shuls in the are and continued into a really fun Friday night meal filled with singing and divrei Torah. After we had a tisch and kumzitz toge...
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Day 11- Pre shabbas visit to old age home, rafting down the Jordan River, Shabbas Kodesh in Tzefat

By Shalhevet CohenToday we visited an old age home. To get into the spirit of Shabbos, we sang songs and played music with tambourines and instruments with the residents. After a long bus ride, we ragged down the Jordan river. It was a blast! We had...
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Day 10- Or Meir and Bracha food packaging, Gush Etzion Heritage Center, Har Hetzel, Malcha Mall, Challah Bake, Lip Sync Battle

By Aviva TabarziaWe started off the day by going to Or Meir and Bracha, a terror victims support center where we greeted a bat mitzvah girl while also doing chesed for those in need. We sang songs with the bat mitzvah girl and packed food for terror...
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NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 21 (Portland Day 2)

Today, on GIVE West, we started off with an early morning, davened and had Chabburah. After that, like always, we had an amazing breakfast, yogurt parfaits and packed our lunches. Then we got onto the bus and drove to our chesed for the day. We organ...
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Day 5 – What an eventful day!

Hi, my name is Daniella Samuels and I’m from Great Neck New York. Today Give’s bus left early in the morning to שמר החדש, where we cut down unnecessary plants in order to prevent forest fires and give the fruit trees a chance to grow. Afterward we dr...
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July 15 - Just a "normal" day.

Today was a very exciting day on the Kollel (as usual). After davening, Rav Schachter’s halacha shiur and breakfast the NCSYers had awesome morning shiurim. The beis medresh atmosphere was electric during chavrusah time. After lunch, the beis stayed...
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JSummer Funday!

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,Today at JSummer, Monday, July 15th, was a fun-filled day, that included a Color War Fake-out, Pirkei Avot learning, Chavrutahs, and much more. We started off our ordinary morning with davening and mifkad, where we do...
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Kollel Guest Book - Mr. Moishe Bane

Today we were privileged to be joined by Mr. Moishe Bane, president of the Orthodox Union, who spoke to our staff and spent time speaking one on one to them.
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