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Chaburah Spotlight: Menachum Polack

This summer is Menachum Polack’s first summer on NCSY Kollel. As a homegrown Bostonian, he spent his youth attending Maimonides High School. After high school and a two-year stint at Yeshivat Torat Shraga, he began studying Finance at Yeshiva Univers...
Kollel Blog 4 hours ago

Sports Update

  Clash of the Brothers! In an unprecedented day on Kollel, a staggering five pairs of brothers faced off against each other today in leagues: (Younger Brother) Ezra Wildes and team "Proud To Be an Ivry" defeated Yosef Wildes and team "Kamp Horn...
Kollel Blog 4 hours ago

A Day on the Kineret and Jordan River

By Esther Fruchter After a really incredible Shabbat in Tzfat, we headed up North to the Kinert for water sports. When we got there, we went down to the water on the hottest day of the year and went banana boating, kayaking, and just relaxing on matt...
JOLT Blog 5 hours ago

Day 27: StandWithUs, Scavenger Hunt, Body Image, & Birthday Party

Today on GIVE, we reunited as a family after school having a nice free weekend. We heard from the organization StandWithUs, and learned about the history of the state of Israel, and how to spread the awareness of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. We...
GIVE Blog 7 hours ago

Favorite Places - July 24

Friday was a very busy day, with lots of learning and preparing for Shabbat. After morning prayers, we ate a quick breakfast, then headed out to the old city. Personally, the old city of Jerusalem is my favorite location in Israel because you feel so...
TJJ Bus 10 Blog 10 hours ago

Our Relationship is a Process - July 23

TJJ is split into two main themes. The first two weeks, we did a lot of physical activities to appreciate Judaism and the land of Israel. We went on hikes and did water sports, and at the end of the day, we were happy, but very physically exhausted....
TJJ Bus 10 Blog 10 hours ago
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