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BILT Education – Sammy Aronson Edition

I'm all about that Beis. Beis Medrash!  "Learning sessions" would NOT be an accurate way to describe the kind of knowledge that I will impart on BILT. There is no 'learning' in the formal sense of the word, and a session sounds like something that yo...
BILT Blog 6 hours ago

Ir David, The Kotel, First Chavruta Learning

Our first full day in Israel was amazing! The day started off with Tefillah, prayers, during which everyone was broken up into groups and discussed the structure of the davening with their advisors. The discussions were enlightening for all. Everyone...
TJJ Ambassadors Blog 13 hours ago

Meet Your Advisor: Shayna Rabin

Get ready to meet advisor Shayna Rabin! Shayna is from Plainview, NY and went to Central for high school. She took a year off in 10th grade to spend a year in Israel on the Naale Elite Academy High School exchange program. During that year, she had t...
GIVE WEST Blog 17 hours ago
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