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Chabura Spotlight: Reflections on Summer '15

Aviva Zimmermann is from Cedarhurst, New York. She went to SKA High School and spent two years learning in Michlalah. She is now a senior in Queens College. Aviva went on Michlelet as a camper for two summers, and was so excited to be able to come ba...
Michlelet Blog 1 week ago

Final Director's Message - Week 6

It is hard to believe that this update will be the final one for the summer or that NCSY Kollel 5775 draws to a close in just two days.  The disbelief is not from looking back and feeling how time has flown by or from a sense that the six weeks feel...
Kollel Blog 2 weeks ago

Chaburah Spotlight: Lauren Rubin

Lauren Rubin is from Woodmere, New York. She went to SKA and spent a year and a half in Michlalah. She is now a senior in Queens College, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. Lauren is a long time Michlelet camper. She spent 4 summers on Michlelet as...
Michlelet Blog 2 weeks ago

BILT Blogger Abe Moses - All good things DON'T have to come to an end.

They say that all good things must come to an end. Well whoever they are, is wrong. The comradery, friendship, and caring for one another that is created through the experiences that every single person on BILT has gone through has done more than cre...
BILT Blog 2 weeks ago

BILT Blogger - Diving in Eilat

My first time diving yesterday was very interesting. It was strange at first being able to breath under water but then I got used to it. It was beautiful to see so many fish and coral. I swam around with the instructor for a full 30 minutes. I almost...
BILT Blog 2 weeks ago

BILT Blogger - My Experience at the Reterno Addiction Center

  I'm the type of person that despises sadness. I'm funny, I bring everyone's mood up, and I'm overly insane, and it's all because I don't like to feel sad. We went to Retorno on BILT. Retorno is a addiction center, but it's not a normal addicti...
BILT Blog 2 weeks ago
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