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Boker Tov from the Kinneret!!

#raftbuilding #teambonding
TJJ Bus 2 Blog 48 mins ago

Beginnings in Jerusalem-Friday, July 3rd

"How much is this?" I mumbled in broken Hebrew that I learned five minutes before. Crowds of people pushed throughout the streets, all rushing to buy their challah before the sunset. Israeli vendors shouted and various dialects rang  out in the stree...
TJJ Bus 10 Blog 2 hours ago

Meet Your Assistant Director: Leora Balk

Time to meet your GIVE WEST assistant director Leora Balk! Leora was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. After attending high school in her hometown, she spent a year in Israel at Michlalah and then returned to the States to study Jewish Education as...
GIVE WEST Blog 3 hours ago

Meet Your Director: Leah Moskovich

Hello from your program director, the one and only Leah Moskovich! Leah was born and raised in Westchester NY. She went to Central High School, MMY in Israel, Stern College, and then Azrieli Graduate School of Education. She is currently studying in...
GIVE WEST Blog 4 hours ago


Welcome to NCSY GIVE WEST 2015! Can you believe it?! It's here! All of the NCSY GIVE West planes landed safely today into Phoenix International Airport and the summer is finally underway. Once all of the NCSYers were shuttled to the Country Suites In...
GIVE WEST Blog 4 hours ago
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