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A Message from Nadine Azoulay, Dance Major Instructor and Choreographer

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Parents, The NCSY Camp Maor Rivka ladies, intensely explored the basic ballet fundamentals during my choreography coaching. The music choice "Reflections" by Christina Aguilera is contagiously expressive in feeling. The ladies int...
Camp Maor Blog 3 hours ago

Our Performance at Camp HASC

What a magical, memorable day!! Since the day after Tisha B'Av, our campers have been working on their performances in their voice and dance rehearsals with Enny Wax, Rhonda Malkin and Nadine Azoulay respectively. Their hard work was celebrated and p...
Camp Maor Blog 21 hours ago

A Message from Rachelle Freedman, Leadership Cohort Play Director

The leadership cohort has been hard at work preparing for our production of Twelve Angry Women. This ensemble piece has lent itself perfectly to our goal this summer: to create our own little theater company. From our very first audition to our most...
Camp Maor Blog 1 day ago
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