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Chabura Spotlight: Ben Greene

Ben Greene is returning after a 1-year hiatus for his second stint as a Kollel Madrich. Ben learnt in Yeshivat Ohr Samech and then attended Wayne State University. He currently learns in Shapell’s Darchei Noam. Ben is famous for his legendary laid -b...
Kollel Blog 11 mins ago

Chabura Spotlight: Zev Jarashow

Zev Jarashow is back on Kollel after a summer as  Junior Staff. Zev grew up and still lives in Fairlawn, NJ. Zev went to Yavneh Academy and then to TABC. He just completed 2 years in Shaalvim and will be starting YU in the fall.The NCSYers in Zev’s C...
Kollel Blog 19 mins ago

Day 8 - JSummer

Dear Parents,After shacharis, the day started with mifkad. After our usual singing and shtick, we saw a fake marriage proposal as a color war break out for JSummer. I have to admit it was pretty good. I would be lying if I didn't say that emotions we...
JOLT Blog 8 hours ago

Making the Desert Bloom

Hey hey all you folks back in New Jersey! Can you imagine flowers and fruit growing in the desert? Well, guess what..... that's exactly what we saw today! TJJ Bus 6 visited the Negev and learned about the lifestyle and agriculture there through inter...
TJJ Bus 6 Blog 9 hours ago

Day 7 - Spirituality and sunshine in Tzfat

Hi! My name is Rebecca Krausz and I'm from New York. I chose NCSY Israel ID because I fell in love with the organization and advisors from events during the year. Today we once again had an amazing day full of cool and interesting activities. We went...
ISRAEL IN DEPTH Blog 9 hours ago

July 16th- The Start of Something Special

What was otherwise a normal morning (except for the continuation of shiur trips to Aish Hatorah) was pleasantly interrupted by a visit from the best and brightest of TJJ- The TJJ Ambassadors. The Ambassadors arrived shortly after morning shiur ended...
Kollel Blog 10 hours ago

TJJA Joins Michlelet!

Today we had the ZECHUT of welcoming TJJ Ambassadors!! We started off with a train of Michlelet girls making arches leading all the way from the TJJA bus to the Beit Midrash that the TJJers ran through! Then, Rav Willig addressed us all together abou...
Michlelet Blog 11 hours ago
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