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Free Shabbat - Orly Krupp

I spent my free Shabbat in Hadera with my great- aunt and uncle. The second I left the train station in Tel- Aviv I started missing my ICE family and didn't know if I'd make it through Shabbat without our familiar Friday night dancing and motzei Shab...
ICE Israel Blog 24 mins ago

Free Shabbat - Yoneena Heit

I came to my sister's house in Ashkelon with my friend who is on GIVE. We spent time together eating, sleeping, and going to the beach.
ICE Israel Blog 25 mins ago

Free Shabbat - Rafi Finkelshteyn

Over Shabbat, I went to kfar pines, a small moshav near Haifa. I stayed with my aunt and uncle, who rent a small house on a farm. Shabbat itself was mostly uneventful, but I took my cousins swimming in a small maayan on Friday, and fed an injured kit...
ICE Israel Blog 32 mins ago

Free Shabbat - Rebekah Bargraser

So on Shabbat after finally getting an adequate amount of sleep and waking up at 10! I went on a nature walk around the whole city of Binyamina which was beautiful.  After that we got ready for a bar mitzvah in the evening for a child with autism whi...
ICE Israel Blog 34 mins ago

Free Shabbat - Yaakov Miller

Hello, I'm Yaakov Miller. This weekend I had the pleasure of staying with family friends in Efrat. They moved from my New Jersey hometown in 2004, so that made my stay all the more comfortable. On Friday, I visited the Magen David in Jerusalem, where...
ICE Israel Blog 40 mins ago

Free Shabbat - Rachelle Guy

Over my free weekend, I stayed with relatives in Jerusalem. It wasn't your typical visit, because my relatives only spoke Russian and Hebrew, and I'm not the best at either. Although it was difficult, I managed to communicate with them and speaking a...
ICE Israel Blog 54 mins ago

Free Shabbat - Davina Goodman

For my free weekend, I spent my shabbos at my uncles in Bet Shemesh. It wasn't so hard to fit in, they all spoke English with a mix of Hebrew aka they spoke Hebrish. What really stood out to me was whenever Tzvi told us that ICE was a family, I never...
ICE Israel Blog 56 mins ago

A Message from Rena Rubin our Assistant Director

      Dear NCSY Camp Maor Families, As the campers' luggage is returned and campers are beginning to pack, I look back and can't believe that our 2016 NCSY Camp Maor is winding down. What a whirlwind of a month we've had here! From opening...
Camp Maor Blog 22 hours ago
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