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This week is off to another great start with JOLT Israel and Machaneh Hachi Achi! Here are Avigail Goldberg's thoughts on her experience thusfar- For starters, Shabbos was incredible. We all got so much closer and being with the kids inspired all of...
JOLT Israel Blog 10 mins ago

Making the Most of Today

Written by Laura Barkel, from Toronto, Ontario As our free weekend came to a close, the bus is back together again!! this morning we went to the Shalva, Centre for Special Needs. after being inspired by a video filled with real peoples personal stori...
TJJ AP Blog 26 mins ago

Day 11: by Brayden

Wow, I don’t even have words to explain how fantastic today was. My name’s Brayden and today in Israel with my TJJ Ambassadors youth group we did so much. The first thing we did was go on an adventure to the Research and Development agricultural cent...
TJJ Ambassadors Blog 2 hours ago

Thursday July 12: Keeping the Jewish Flame Alive by Mikah Samuni

On Thursday, July 12th, we all went to tour Pek’in. This has been a site of constant Jewish presence, including a woman named Margalit and her family who have lived their all their lives and refused to extinguish the Jewish flame in Pek’in. She is th...
TJJ Ambassadors Blog 2 hours ago

Catching up with Campers: Dovi Flug

Dovi Flug is a 15-year old from West Hempstead, NY. He attends DRS High School.“I heard about NCSY Kollel from an older chavruta of mine [Jeremy Teichman]. He told me it was an awesome place where you learnt but it didn’t feel like learning [in schoo...
Kollel Blog 3 hours ago

Chabura Spotlight: Gilad Vann

Gilad Vann is a 3-year Kollel veteran who is joining the Madrich Staff for the first time. Gilad learnt for 2 years in Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim and now learns in Shor Yashuv in Far Rockaway. Gilad’s calm demeanor and professional attitude make him a...
Kollel Blog 3 hours ago

Chabura Spotlight: David Sperber

David Sperber is from Randolph, New Jersey, went to Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevaseret Tzion, and is currently learning by Rav Eliyahu Soloveitchik shlita at Lander College for Men. This is his fourth year on the NCSY Kollel, his second as a Madrich. When n...
Kollel Blog 4 hours ago
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