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A Message from Tiferet, a Maoriginal Camper

Shabbos in NCSY Camp Maor is truly magical! Shabbos begins each week with pre-Shabbos ruach where all campers meet in the dance studio and watch our weekly video followed by dancing. After dancing all campers head to the tent while singing Sha Sha Sh...
Camp Maor Blog 3 hours ago

What A Meaningful Fast

Hi my name is Hannah Levy and I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. Today GIVE had an incredibly meaningful shiva asar b’tamuz. First, we went to the deaf museum and learned about the everyday experiences of people who can’t use voices to communicate. N...
GIVE Blog 3 hours ago

Day 20- One Family Fund, Tammy Karmel, Cake Wars

By: Zehava ChefitzIn the Morning we finally reunited with all our Givers. Then we went to the organization One Family to learn what’s its all about. Then we started to prepare for the run by cutting headbands. We then went back to our base Mevaseret...
GIVE Bus 1 Blog 7 hours ago

Day 17- Beit Shemesh Houses and Free shabbas

By: Esther Cohen SabanToday we woke up early after an incredible night at Yom NCSY. We had an amazing shakshuka breakfast. Then we divided the bus into different groups. Some people went to a school in Beit Shemesh to make kids happy by dancing, sing...
GIVE Bus 1 Blog 7 hours ago
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