About NCSY Summer

NCSY Summer is more than just summer trips. It is one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences of a person’s life. NCSY runs nineteen unique summer programs in the US, Israel, and Europe that cater to teens with different interests and backgrounds.

4G Euro– Travel with great girls from across the country around Europe for two weeks before journeying to Israel to visit Safed, Eilat, Tiberias and many more cities and sites on this co-ed trip.

BILT — Boys Israel Leadership Training (BILT) is a program for boys who want to challenge themselves and have an incredible adventure through the land of Israel.

CAMP MAOR – Girls step into the spotlight and explore their passions for the performing arts on a beautiful campus located in the Pocono Mountains.

CAMP SPORTS — Located in Baltimore, MD, Camp Sports focuses on both recreational and highly competitive sports leagues.

GIVE — Girls Israel Volunteer Experience (GIVE) is for exceptional high school girls who want to experience Judaism firsthand through the art of giving back in Israel.

GIVE EAST — GIVE East takes girls on a chesed-focused road trip from New York all the way down to Florida. Girls give back while experiencing the highlights of Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta and other major East Coast cities.

GIVE WEST — GIVE West gives a select group of girls a meaningful and fun summer by providing them with the opportunity to experience hands-on Judaism by giving back to communities across the West Coast, USA.

Euro ICE — Travel around Europe for two weeks before journeying to Israel to visit Safed, Eilat, Tiberias and many more cities and sites on this co-ed trip.

Hatzalah Rescue – Learn CPR, Hemorrhage Control and how to become a first responder this summer on Hatzalah Rescue.

Israel In Depth— Israel ID is NCSY’s flagship, in-depth, Israel tour for day-school boys and girls, traveling throughout the land of Israel.

JOLT — Jewish Overseas Leadership Training (JOLT) is an intense leadership program. Past participants have described their JOLT experience in Poland, Austria and Israel as having a truly transformational impact on their Jewish identity.

JOLT Israel – JOLT Israel is for highly motivated teens looking for a unique leadership experience. The culmination of the summer is running a camp for Israeli children whose siblings have cancer.

JSU GO — JSU GO is a two and half week Israel adventure for public-school teens, o ered earlier in the summer season, specifically for teens from Atlanta who cannot attend TJJ because of an earlier school year.

Kollel — Spend an unforgettable summer in Israel filled with intense learning, world-class sports, and great trips.

Michlelet — An extraordinary program for teenage girls looking to spend their summer in a productive way by learning Torah and touring Israel.

Next Step: Israel Internships – The only internship program for Jewish teenagers in Israel, start your future career today.

ReSurf Israel -Travel and see Israel through the eyes of the locals and connect to your homeland on a whole new level. Mentor Israel’s youth on this social entrepreneurship surfing adventure!

RTC – RTC is the premier travel camp for boys who want to learn Torah, play competitive sports and enjoy incredibly fun trips.

TJJ — The Jerusalem Journey (TJJ) is the most affordable Israel trip for public school teens. Travel from north to south and east to west and see Israel come alive in all its beauty and wonder.

TJJ Ambassadors — TJJ Ambassadors is an Israel journey for public school students that combines the very best of touring and fun with social action, political advocacy and Torah study.

TJJ Ambassadors Poland — TJJ Ambassadors Poland is a leadership program for public school that already went on TJJ. The program begins in Poland where teens learn about their rich history and culminates with a unique Israel experience.