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Q:How do I apply for an NCSY Summer Program?


The complete application is available online HERE.

Q:What forms do I need to fill out before I can be accepted?


Acceptance decisions will not be made without a completed application, recommendation letters, and health survey.  ** Please note, all programs require a telephone interview before an acceptance decision is made.**

Q:I have applied, now what?


Upon completion of your online application, you will receive a confirmation email with your next steps. All NCSY Summer Programs also require a brief telephone interview as part of the application process. In the unlikely event that you do not receive a phone call to schedule your interview within three weeks of completing your online application, kindly send an email to

Q:Until when can I apply for the programs?


All programs work under a rolling admission system which means that there is no final date to apply to the program. Once the program reaches capacity, we will stop accepting applications for that program. Most programs fill to capacity sooner rather then later so applying early is always recommended.

Q:Are scholarships available for NCSY Summer Programs?


Yes! The financial aid application is part of the online registration process. Scholarship decisions are based on need and are made after an applicant has been accepted on a first-come first-served basis.  Please note, many outside organizations offer scholarships for summer programs. You might consider calling your local Federation, ZOA, JCC, Synagogue or local NCSY office for scholarship assistance.

Q:What forms do I need to send to NCSY before I can go on a program?


After being accepted, you must submit a packet of legal forms and medical forms. All forms will be sent to you in a confirmation email upon completion of the online registration process.

Q:When will I know if I have been accepted?


All programs will be accepting applicants on a rolling basis. You can expect to have an answer about three weeks after interviews have been conducted. If more than three weeks have passed since your interview and you have not been contacted regarding your participation, kindly send an email to Summer@ncsy.orgor call us at 1-888-TOUR-4-YOU.

Q:When can I expect to receive an information packet for my program?


Packets will be mailed out before Passover. These packets will include packing lists, itineraries, flight information, specific program codes of conduct and other VERY IMPORTANT information. It is crucial that you read through the entire packet and mail in all appropriate forms. If you need this information prior to Passover, kindly send an email to or call us at 1-888-TOUR-4-YOU. Please note, most of this information will also be available on our website ( around Passover time.

Q:Can I extend my stay in Israel?


Yes. To extend a ticket, you will need to contact the Summer Programs Associate assisgned to your program.  He or she will give you the direct email address for our travel agent who will make the accommodations.  Program Associates cannot arrange flights.  Note: Any additional fees associated with the change are the responsibility of the program participant.

Q:Once the program has departed, how can I be in touch with my child?


For domestic programs, numbers will be provided.  For the overseas programs there will be cell phone rental service required through a third party.  There will also be an emergency number available.

Q:Once the program has started, whom do I contact with problems or questions?


If you have a question regarding billing, flights or any other matter concerning your program, please contact the NCSY Summer Programs Associate assigned to your program at 1-888-TOUR-4-YOU.

Throughout the program the director will be available via email and you will receive a telephone number to use in case of emergency.

If your specific questions were not answered in the FAQs above, please feel free to call 1-888-TOUR-4-YOU, or email your inquiry to