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Week 5 Recap

JOLT Video 6 days ago

The Last Day of JOLT

Imagine waking up in the morning and realizing that that morning would be the last one you would spend with all of your friends. Yesterday was the last real day of JOLT. Although we all felt a tinge of sadness because we knew it was almost over, it was an an amazing, memorable day. After […]
JOLT Blog 6 days ago

Chabura Spotlight - Becky Shachter

Becky Shachter is from Boca Raton, Florida. She went to Weinbaum Yeshiva High school and then spent a year in MMY. She is currently in Stern college for Women, majoring in Psychology. This is her first summer on Michlelet and it has been unbelievable with the such incredible campers and staff! The girls in Becky’s […]
Michlelet Blog 6 days ago

Send Us Your Photos!!

Well, Guys and Gals, We are back in the good old USA, but our hearts are still together in Israel!  Thank you all sooooo much for the BEST SUMMER EVER!! If you have any great photos to add to our already 4000+ strong picture collection, don’t forget to send them in and we’ll put them […]
ICE Israel Blog 6 days ago