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Summer News Feed

The latest posts, pictures, videos and shiurim from all of NCSY Summer

Chana's "Supernatural" Experience

Today, Euro Ice 2014 woke up in the spectacular city of Venice, Italy. As we gathered for breakfast, we bid farewell to one of the most culturally rich places in the world. Although we would be saying goodbye for the near future, no one was too upset. When we boarded the bus everyone was eager […]
Euro ICE Blog 40 mins ago

Advisor Spotlight: Meet AVI SCHWARTZ! (Advisor)

Sup, yo. My name is Avi Schwartz, and I’m suuuuuper excited to be YOUR advisor this summer on TJJW! I was born in Queens, moved to Long Island, moved to Boston, moved to West Orange, NJ, lived in Israel for a year and a half, and now live in New York City. So you can […]
TJJ Bus 4 Blog 12 hours ago

Advisor Spotlight: Meet MALYA LEVIN! (Advisor)

Malya Levin has an alter ego: she’s the unofficial mother of the bus. Jokingly called “Mom,” she is always there for you with a smile, a listening ear and a hug (well… only a shomer hug for the guys). Malya is originally from Charlotte, NC, but has been living in Baltimore, MD for the past […]
TJJ Bus 4 Blog 12 hours ago

Advisor Spotlight: Meet RABBI YITZ LEVI! (Director)

Our awesome Co-Director, Rabbi Yitz Levi, is always there for you with a smile, a joke, and good piece of advice. This is Rabbi Levi’s first year on TJJ but definitely not his first experience with NCSY. Rabbi Levi has been the City Director for Philadelphia and Cherry Hill NCSY for the past four years. He […]
TJJ Bus 4 Blog 12 hours ago

Shabbos Week 4!!!

As Thursday Mishmar came to an end, the thought of the coming Shabbos came into my brain and starting doing somersaults in excitement. The week itself had been full of exiting trips and sports galore, but I was in need of a desperate break and my body was sending messages that it was time to […]
Camp Sports Blog 14 hours ago

Special Shabbat with a family from Sderot

Hello NCSY TJJ AP Parents,   Our first Shabbat in Israel introduced us to a reality we read about in the paper but did not truly understand. Three families from Sderot, including grandparents and grandchildren, joined us for Shabbat. Shabbat morning the father, a news reporter, told us about how his family have lived under […]
TJJ AP Blog 15 hours ago