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Summer News Feed

The latest posts, pictures, videos and shiurim from all of NCSY Summer

Machane Oz and Nivei Kineret

  Hi! My name is Yehudis Ash from Cedarhurst, New York and I’m having the summer of my life on GIVE!! Yesterday, in particular was one of the best days of the summer so far. We started off the day traveling to an army base called Machane Oz. We gave out Ben and Jerry’s ice […]
GIVE Blog 3 hours ago

A Fun Outing to Salzburg!

After our early wake up yesterday, today we were able to celebrate Rosh Chodesh the right way: late wake up at 8:30!! (The latest wake up we have had on the trip so far). After davening we were presented with the theme of the day, shmirat halashon, speaking well of other people. After having a […]
JOLT Blog 9 hours ago

Email Update from the Director: Monday, July 28 2014

Dear Parents, Today was an excellent and safe day in Chispin. We settled into the rhythm of another week together, and enjoyed strong learning and outstanding ball. There was also a mini tiyul exploring some of the incredible Jewish history in the Golan. The highlight of the tiyul was a stop a Gamla, often called […]
Kollel Blog 10 hours ago