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Summer News Feed

The latest posts, pictures, videos and shiurim from all of NCSY Summer

July 22, Neil Lazarus day!!

Today the Ambassadors spent the day learning how to make the case for Israel with Neil Lazarus. Neil shared his great wealth of knowledge and taught the Ambassadors different strategies when advocating for Israel. After the full day seminar, the female participants went to the Lunergal water park with the other NCSY programs while the […]
TJJ Ambassadors Blog 6 hours ago

Paintball & Ropes Course!!!

Today’s trip, a major highlight of the summer, was paintballing. The day started normally, but as soon as Shacharit and learning groups were over, we rushed to the buses to get to paintball and the ropes course. It was a long ride, but the wait was well worth it. As we arrived those of us […]
Camp Sports Blog 8 hours ago

Another Amazing Day

As the NCSYers are finally settling in to the normal daily schedule, today was another amazing day on NCSY Kollel. This morning, our incredible staff of Rabbeim once again joined us in Chispin.  All of the Talmidim attended their regular morning Seder and Shiur from their usual Rebbe.  Later in the day, the Rabbeim participated […]
Kollel Blog 10 hours ago

Email Update from the Director: Monday, July 21 2014

Dear NCSY Kollel Parents, Today was a safe and excellent day on the NCSY Summer Kollel. It was also an oasis of stability in an increasingly volatile world. First, we continued with the strong, organized learning that we set at the beginning of the week. The newly re-formed morning shiurim gained more momentum and familiarity. […]
Kollel Blog 11 hours ago

The First Day of Am Echad

Today was the first day of Am Echad. We began the day with a discussion on the topic of Bein Adam Li’Chavero or relationships between man and his friend. This was the theme of every activity today. Following the session, we ate a delicious lunch and started our day trip with the Campers at Am […]
JOLT Blog 11 hours ago

"A Happening" with a Splish and Splash!

  Today marks the second week since NCSY GIVE has started. Not only has all our days been special, but today’s activities were truly remarkable. The beginning of the day started where we were located in Tzfat. The girls created  what was called “A Happening,” very similar to a carnival. The girls got dressed up in […]
GIVE Blog 15 hours ago