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Caserea and American Idol

Because Sunday was a fast day known as Shiv'Asar B'Tamuz, we made sure that the day would be a little lighter than usual in order to accommodate the staff and teenagers who chose to observe the fast. We went on a tour of Caserea, a large Roman port c...
TJJ Bus 7 Blog 7 years ago

DAY 5- July 9, 2012

ELLO! After a long, meaningful fast yesterday, we decided that today should be totally fun filled, which it was! We started the morning with the 2nd part of our prayer sessions that we started yesterday. Then we loaded the bus and headed to the Sea o...
TJJ Bus 2 Blog 7 years ago

Jenna Weisz - Ammunition Hill!

It’s Jenna, and I apologize for the late update, but things move so quickly on ambassadors that it’s hard to keep up! I have been in Israel for a little over a week now, and so far things are incredible. We’ve been through the city of David, Hezekiah...
TJJ Ambassadors Blog 7 years ago

Bari Lager / Adele Lerner- Our First Shabbat!

Bari Lager: Shabbat! What a different experience it is here. All day Friday was crazy. At first, we went to Mount Scopus. We sifted through archeological findings and uncovered pottery and other artifacts from the times of the first and second Temple...
TJJ Ambassadors Blog 7 years ago

July 9

Today we enjoyed chaburas, classes, and activities on campus in addition to special shiurim given by guest speakers Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future at Yeshiva University, and Mrs. Shira Smiles, popular seminary teacher...
Michlelet Blog 7 years ago

NCSY TJJ Bus 1 Day 5

Today we conquered a 6 hour hike. Waking up at 5:30am to beat the heat was worth the gorgeous view we got of the Zavitan Stream. Walking through the valley, with tree, rocks, mountains, and wildlife around us was an experience one never forgets. Than...
TJJ Bus 1 Blog 7 years ago

Day Three!

Transitioning from country to country and traveling all day the past two days left some of the TJJers (and staff!) very tired. Because of this, we had late wake up (or optional prayer in the morning for The few that wanted). So once we all were up we...
TJJ Bus 5 Blog 7 years ago

Day Two!

Waking up in Jerusalem was awesome! All the TJJers were early to load the bus and because of that we had time to go to the amazing scene of Friday at the shuk (Israeli outdoor market)! We actually surprised them and  took them straight there first th...
TJJ Bus 5 Blog 7 years ago
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