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Electives and the Olympics

This morning was spent at electives and was as awesome as ever. We then had lunch in a beautiful park by the Kenesset and made our way back to Mevaseret for a fun, filled afternoon of… The Olympics (GIVE style)! From watermelon eating contests to sum...
GIVE Blog 6 years ago

Rebekah Friedman

Rebekah Graduated from Stern College in May 2011 and joined the NCSY summer programs teams. She specifically oversees JOLT,ICE, Camp Sports and BILT.
TJJ Blog 6 years ago

Devorah Becker

Devorah came to International NCSY in October 2008 after working with Rabbi Burg in West Coast NCSY. Devorah spends hours tirelessly working on TJJ, TJJ Ambassadors and Summer Programs scholarships, in addition to Ben Zakkai and national events.
TJJ Blog 6 years ago

Jen Goldman

Jen joined NCSY in September 2007 after working in the Ramaz Lower School. As Assistant Director of NCSY Summer Programs, she combines two things she loves - camp and Israel! Specifically, she oversees Kollel, Michlelet and GIVE.
TJJ Blog 6 years ago

David Cutler

David has been a part of the National NCSY team for 6 years. Under David’s leadership, NCSY Summer Programs have doubled in size, influencing the lives of thousands of teens throughout the world.
TJJ Blog 6 years ago

Josh Gottesman

Josh Gottesman has led countless trips to Israel, and has been the consultant to many more. Josh has a background in psychology and theater and specializes in informal education. His new-age teaching philosophy has sent him around the world to train...
TJJ Blog 6 years ago

Rabbi Ben Zion Goldfischer

Rabbi Ben Zion Goldfischer is the Mashgiach Ruchani at Machon Maayan in Israel, is an extremely talented and popular educator both in the formal and non-formal realms. With the ability to relate to others at all levels of religious observance, intell...
TJJ Blog 6 years ago
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