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A Message from Rachelle Freedman, Leadership Cohort Play Director

The leadership cohort has been hard at work preparing for our production of Twelve Angry Women. This ensemble piece has lent itself perfectly to our goal this summer: to create our own little theater company. From our very first audition to our most...
Camp Maor Blog 4 days ago

A Message from Guest Artist Leah Gottfried

Coming back to Maor every summer is such a pleasure because every summer we seem to top the last one. This year I focused on creating a three episode web series with the girls - a really ambitious project for one weekend. On Friday we spent the day f...
Camp Maor Blog 6 days ago

Chessed Day in Sydney By Shira Alyeshmerni

On the Monday before Tisha B'av we all took a trip to the Montefiore Old Age Home. We were all split into a couple girls per group and we all spoke to different types of people. Some of us spoke to Holocaust survivors, others spoke to people who were...
Bnos Kanfei Blog 6 days ago

Bungee Jumping in New Zealand by Rachelli Klein

Today Bnos Kanfei did two things I was really really really afraid to do: horseback riding and bungee jumping. I don't like animals or heights so I was super nervous but pushed myself to do it anyway. The first thing was horseback riding. We arrived...
Bnos Kanfei Blog 6 days ago
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